1157724_617189301644658_153658288_nMy name is Laurie Brodsky, and I love sharing what I do for a living with others. When I go food shopping, it is as if I am a kid in a candy store again. I see the Grocery store and Farmer’s Market as my Pharmacy. Healthy nourishing food is my drug of choice. Creating a healthy relationship with food is something so critical to living a healthy life especially since EATING is something that we do (at least) 3 times per day, and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives…

My goal is to be your savvy resource for all topics relating to nutrition, health and wellness. At Don’t Spill the Dr. Beans, I will share my favorite easy ways to keep your body deliciously clean, from the inside out.

About Me

I am 29 years old, originally from Toronto, and live in a cute little 5-story walk up apartment in New York City with my husband and best friend, Kevin (who so kindly gave me the nickname BEANS!). My role as Dr. Brodsky and Director of Wellness at my practice in Tribeca allows me to see many patients during the week to help them address their health concerns (ranging from food allergies to weight loss and fertility to autism and ADHD), using diet and lifestyle modifications. I spend the rest of my free time cooking and shopping for food (local and organic preferably), creating and capturing exciting new recipes (gluten and dairy free are some of my favorites!), exercising, trying new spin and yoga classes, traveling, formulating vitamin/herbal supplements, advising for online health companies, and creating healthy nutrition and hydration programs for children of all ages to address the alarming obesity and diabetes rates across the country.

I hope you enjoy our Spilling the Beans community — feel free to email me directly with any comments or questions at drlauriebrodsky@gmail.com.


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    Thanks for re-blogging our black bean brownies post. Glad to find your blog as well…always looking for great resources like yours. Happy Holidays (Kevin and Angie aka TheFamilyFeed).

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