Be a good role model for your kids!

Jeff Butterworth

Healthy Children

Frozen foods at the Real Canadian Superstore i...

The old adage, ‘You are what you eat’ certainly rings true for many of our children today. Behavioral issues, immune suppression, lack of concentration, obesity, asthma, skin conditions and caffeine dependence are all directly related to the diet. Our children seem to be the biggest culprits for large organizations marketing their over processed foods. The further a food is removed from its original form, the harder it is to digest. Most popular children’s food is packaged, sweetened, pressed, and flavored. We often give our children these foods for convenience, reward or the simple fact they will not eat anything else.

So, the need to start your children on the right kind of diet early on in life cannot be stressed enough. All children should be breast fed if possible but once they are off breast milk, it is important to offer them the correct foods. Remember, most of…

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