Manhattan Eats: What’s for Breakfast?

Back to School! What a fun time of year — new teachers and classmates, so much to learn. So many lunch boxes to fill!

Here is a quick, super healthy, tasty breakfast that I whipped together for my sister and I this morning using farm-fresh ingredients; some of which I picked up from my local Trader Joe’s and Union Square Farmer’s Market. But when it comes to my dairy and cheese, I am very particular, and you should be too!

I order organic, cage-free, farm-to-table eggs that come from free range chickens, and the creamiest, tastiest (kid-approved!) ooey gooey cheese ever, of course being gluten-free, hormone/antibiotic free, which I order online and have conveniently delivered right to my apartment door by Manhattan Milk at a time that I set each week. Give them a try — you will be pleasantly surprised by the service and quality of your delivered goods.

Gluten-free Breakfast Egg, Cheese n’ Tomato Wrap

Breakfast to Go: GF Wrap, Melted cheese, Scrambled eggs and Farm-fresh Veggies


2 eggs – scrambled

1 chive/green onion – sliced

10 cherry tomatoes – halved

3 kale leaves, stems removed and leaves ripped into bite sized pieces

1 tbsp unrefined organic coconut oil (1/2 to cook the eggs, 1/2 to cook the veggies)

1/2 organic cheese (can use non-GMO soy cheese, vegan cheese, organic hormone-free cheese — whatever you like!) – shredded

2 brown rice tortillas (Trader Joe’s makes a great variety; use whole wheat, gluten-free, any wrap you like)

1 dash of sea salt (Himalayan pink salt, or your favorite salt)

Melting the cheese over the eggs… YUM!


In a pan, heat up the coconut oil and whip up two scrambled eggs, then set aside. In same heated pan, on medium heat, add in the green onion pieces, cherry tomatoes and kale leaves and sautee in coconut oil for a few minutes until softened and evenly coated with flavor. Add a dash of salt and your favorite seasonings for flavor. Add in cooked scrambled egg and allow flavors to marry. Sprinkle with grated cheese and allow a few minutes to melt. Warm up the wrap (I simply lay mine over the top of the pan as the eggs cook so that it heats up gently, then you can add some extra cheese to melt!) for a few minutes until soft. Place warmed wrap on a plate, then add the cooked veggies, eggs and melted cheese directly onto the wrap. Let cool for a minute then take an ooey gooey bite!

Time: < 10 minutes. Great to wrap up and take to enjoy before work, and makes a fantastic, balanced lunch as well. Prepare ingredients the night before so that it’s super hot and fresh to go the next morning.


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