My Healthy Choices Board

Girls Prep Lower School is getting geared up for another fantastic school year — one filled with an added focus on health and nutrition with the Healthy Tummy Initiative. Check out their My Healthy Choices Board, where each student gets to actively participate in their health by receiving fitness points (credits to select additional fitness activities and a FREE choice for their gym class) by eating according to the MyPlate and 5 A Day nutrition standards for lunch!

Cutting and coloring for our My Healthy Choices Board

Empty, hungry board

Dr. Laurie has fun with Arts & Crafts!

Starting to fill in: MyPlate

Tracking which fruits and veggies students ate for lunch: Aim for 5 A Day!

Eat the Rainbow: My Healthy Choices

Learning: Meal Wheel, Food Pyramid and MyPlate

Mini fruits and veggies are taped on to remind students that there is a HUGE variety of tasty, healthy foods to choose from

Success! Class lists to track fitness points, tally for fruits and veggies, MyPlate learning tools & interactive features to track each students’ progress


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