What’s for Dinner?

Chopped, peeled and poked

Ready, set GO! Quick n’ Easy dinner for busy bodies on the go. Cleaned Brussel’s sprouts from Trader Joe’s – I love to cut off the base and slice in half for easy roasting. Garlic can get messy – keep it clean: separate a few cloves and set onto pan for a heart-healthy, blood sugar-lowering snack. Washed farmer’s market-fresh baby purple eggplant is super cute.

Panned, seasoned and oven-ready

Set oven to 350 Deg F. Olive oil-filled Misto gets sprayed all over the veggies to coat them lightly for baking (I just bought the Misto from Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99, filled with extra virgin cold pressed organic olive oil, pumped the infuser and spray away! Lighter than drizzling, which can at times coat the veggies too thick with oil). Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning combines all the flavors your tongue craves – sprinkle all over the Brussel’s until nicely coated. Garlic cloves laid out on pan, you can leave the skin/peel on, since once baked, you can squeeze the cooked garlic out of peel easily. Eggplant gets gently poked with a knife to allow the air to escape and infuse throughout this colorful veggie, as the gorgeous purple skin and juicy interior softens and roasts deliciously.

Bowl of Brussel’s & Rice Cake soaking up Roasted Eggplant n’ Garlic Dip

Roast the Brussel’s for 20 min or so, until golden brown and softened. Check out the flavor! These cancer-fighting foods are packed with nutrients. When eggplant wilts away in oven’s heat after 15 min or so, remove from oven, cool and cut in half. Place in a bowl with roasted garlic pieces once squeezed out of their peel, and use a hand blender to mash up these two flavors along with some fresh olive oil, salt and pepper. Once blended, this eggplant n’ garlic dip goes perfectly on an organic brown rice cake or as a dip for your Brussel’s. Quick and light!


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