Get Exercising! Health Benefits that Can Motivate You to Get Started

By Dr. Laurie Teitelman, N.D.

Nowadays we don’t need as much of an excuse to exercise, or do we? For those who do, here are 15 well established health benefits from exercise that you can use as motivation toward achieving the body you have always wanted and living out your health and fitness goals.

It would be a challenge to list them all, so let’s start out with these reasons to exercise:

  1. Battle depression
  2. Boost your IQ and think better
  3. Build stronger bones
  4. Cure insomnia
  5. Improve your brainpower
  6. Increase your energy levels
  7. Lose weight
  8. Lower your blood pressure
  9. Lower your risk of diabetes and reverse pre-diabetes
  10. Lower your risk of heart disease
  11. Manage arthritis
  12. Reduce your risk of cancer
  13. Relieve chronic knee pain
  14. Slow down your aging process
  15. Ward off a cold

Keep in mind, too, that regularity is KEY when it comes to reaping the benefits of exercise, no matter what type of exercise you do. So, maintain your routine, push yourself when you have extra energy or go a little slower when you must, but know that every little thing you do for your health is a plus and will keep you looking and feeling younger and healthier… it’s never too late to get started!


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